A Tour of My New Casa

Big news… I moved! And I love my new place. It’s a little bit vintage, in the heart of Raleigh and kind of like a blank canvas for what has already started out as an amazing year. 2012, I like you so far.

So I thought I’d take you on a little tour of my new home. I’m not totally done decorating yet, but here is a little Instagram tour of what I’ve done so far. The lighting was a bit weird because I took most of the pictures at night. I promise my whole apartment doesn’t have a golden (who am I kidding, it’s yellow) glow all the time. It’s mostly normal colored. Enjoy!

Dining room set purchased by my grandparents in 1966


Strategically placed yoga mat and weights NOT intentional.

Kind of obsessed with the multi-toned blue bathroom decor.

What is your favorite shopping destination for home decor?


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