Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson?

Sometimes I get really sappy and nostalgic. I turn into the 9th grade version of myself… You know, the one who wore ties because Avril Lavigne wore them but who used them as belts to show that she was totally a free-thinker. To show she was doing a high-school-emo-punk-rock-thing that was unique, not cliche, and felt slightly rebellious at the preppy school she went to? (Go Cats!) The one with an iPod full of playlists that basically consisted of Dashboard Confessional (be still, my heart!), MxPx, Relient K, Hoobastank, 10,000 Maniacs and Ani Difranco?

No? Oh, right… no yeah I didn’t have that phase either, I was talking about someone else. Uh-huh OK moving on.

As I was saying… I was feeling sappy and nostalgic this weekend. I made an impromptu trip back over to my college and grad school alma mater, good old Wake Forest, to go to the football game with one of my best friends in the whole world! Isn’t she pretty?

Sorry guys, she’s taken!

What a delight to spend time with Elizabeth (also her awesome boyfriend Ben and his brother Brian), cheer my Deacs on to a 34-27 victory over NC State (sorry about that, city I now live in) and be in a familiar place! Raleigh has been “home” for about 16 months, but Winston Salem claimed the 5 years before that, so it will take a bit of time to adjust I think. And Atlanta will always be forever-home, so we’ll just let Raleigh and Winston duke it out for a bit and see what the future holds. For now, I’m loving living the beautiful North Carolina and that’s that.

Cue: Mad World by Tears for Fears. (In case you didn’t get the title reference)

Here is why it fits in this situation:

1. It has been stuck in my head since Saturday.
2. It has a nostalgic vibe, but also reminds me of 80s parties, of which there are an abundance in college.
3. The line “Bright and early for their daily races…” is basically a great description of the tailgating done at WFU football games.
4. Being back at Wake, even just for 24 hours, was crazy fun and slightly nuts… and definitely worth the impromptu drive.


By the way, so that this post isn’t TOTALLY off topic, I’ll include a quick fashion note about an awesome blog I have in my blogroll called Chic Deac. Some clever and anonymous ladies at Wake Forest have taken it upon themselves to help the students of Wake Forest support the Demon Deacons in the school’s Old Gold & Black colors while still looking stylish and chic. Check out their blog if you need a little tailgating inspiration.

Anyone else get little bouts of nostalgia like that? Do you still live close enough to go back and visit your alma mater and then see that the freshmen look like little babies and think “geeeez, when did they start letting in 7th graders”?


3 thoughts on “Hello Teacher, Tell Me What’s My Lesson?

  1. And for an even more emo version of the song check out the Gary Jules cover from Donnie Darko, which has inspired more than its fair share of melodramatic nostalgia trips. The music video is great too (I would post it here if my work computer allowed…)

  2. I was such an emo-punk-rocker wannabe!! I even dated a guy in an emo band! #winning then…totally #loser now. And yes – everyone in college does look younger to me, but basically because they all dress the same and think it’s cool 🙂 It’s funny because my roommate and I were actually talking tonight about how differently we dress now that we’re graduated. Oh…the glory days!

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